Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Tuesday, I had my first ultrasound for baby number two. It was such an amazing experience! 
On our way to the hospital, we told Madelyn we were heading to see her baby sister or brother. She responded excitedly by saying, "Wow so we're going to pick up our baby at the hospital today mom and dad?!?"If only it were that easy! 
During the ultrasound, we got to see our little one moving around and kicking their tiny legs. It was so reassuring and I loved every minute of it. Madelyn made friends with the technician too. The two of them were holding hands on the way out and she thanked her for the pictures we got to take home with us. 
The picture below is my favorite one. I love our little one so much already! 
I also remembered to take my weekly belly shot too. Here I am at 11 weeks...

Then I took a selfie with my Madelyn...

I finally heard back from the Doctor this morning about the ultrasound results. All the reports came back normal and our baby is growing very healthy. My due date is still April 7th and there are no other issues. Our prayers have been answered. 
Lately, Madelyn has been telling me she only wants a little brother. I explained to her that it's not up to us to decide and we may end up having a boy or girl. She calmly told me that we could only have a boy so she can stay the princess in the family. I told her she would always be my little princess no matter what! She certainly is too! 

Then Mike and I also had a special date night to celebrate our anniversary. We had such a nice time together and Madelyn had fun with her mimi too. She had so much fun she decided to have a sleepover at her house. It was our first night away from her so we weren't sure how she would react. She loved it though! Now she's been asking us when she can stay over mimi's house again. 
We missed her but it was great not having to put her to bed. She's a tough one to put to sleep every night.  My mom didn't get her down until 11 but she said it would be good practice for when I have to stay in the hospital for the baby.   

Over the weekend we did some shoe shopping for the fall. Some crazy lady wearing a bunch of bells followed us all through the mall. Madelyn didn't help matters by obnoxiously waving to her. I think that only encouraged the lady. After that, she started staring at me creepily. I had to check myself over in the mirror to make sure I was wearing all my clothes and didn't have anything weird on my face that would draw unnecessary attention. Everything looked normal so I'm not sure why she couldn't take her eyes off of me.  I can't explain how I always end up in situations like these.  We somehow lost her by quickly dodging between stores and escaping through the outside exit but it wasn't an easy task. 
Besides all of that, Madelyn loved this one shoe store in particular. It had toys for her to play with so she was very excited. Let's just say it wasn't easy getting her out of that store either. 

After the mall, we spent some time outside enjoying the fresh air. Although I was freezing cold, I could not get Madelyn to wear her sweater. She had a fun time blowing bubbles and running around though. 

That pretty much sums up our week. Enjoy your week ahead everyone! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

It sure doesn't feel like September yet. The time's been flying by so quickly!
Madelyn started up her second year of the home program and she loves her new teacher.
Here are some pictures from her first couple days of school.
Backtracking to the last weekend in August, we got together with Amanda, Donna, and Pam for dinner at Applebee's then had a campfire afterwards. We had a lot of fun and also managed to keep the fire lit this time. Our peanut butter s'mores tasted so delicious too! What a perfect way to end the month.
That same weekend, my sister came home with her son. Madelyn and August were so excited to see each other. We went out to lunch at Ninety Nine and they had a great time sitting together.

The next day, we went to a baby shower at my dad's house. Madelyn had a fun time playing with all the other kids. She got to design a onesie for the baby using fabric markers too.

Later that night, August and Madelyn played around laughing and pretending to fall asleep. They were too funny.
Then before too long, Madelyn really did fall asleep on the couch after such a busy day of playing.

Madelyn wasn't being so cooperative for pictures, but my sister tried taking some for me before heading home that day. This one was one of my favorites even though Madelyn refused to smile.

Later on, I finished up some housework while Madelyn played quietly in the Living Room. It was late in the afternoon so I decided not to bother giving her a nap. After a few minutes, I noticed that it sounded way too quiet in the other room. I walked in to find Madelyn sound asleep on the floor. She didn't even flinch while moving her into bed. She must have been exhausted.
In other news, I had my first official Doctor's visit for the pregnancy. Mike and Madelyn came along with me for the support. While the Doctor was examining me, she told me I was such a slender little thing. Those were just the words I needed to hear! I haven't been feeling so slender lately.
She also said I'm measuring bigger than what I should be so I'll be going for an ultrasound tomorrow to find out the reasons why. I'm so excited to see our little one!
 When it came time for the blood work, I was feeling pretty confident this time around. I brought along some music to listen to while I was getting it drawn and it really helped out a lot. I barely noticed the needle going in and it helped me to relax. Once the nurse finished, she told me to stay sitting down for as long as I needed to.
 Right away, I stood up and told her I was fine. Besides, I felt wonderful. I had made it through my blood work without feeling weak at all! Then as soon as we walked outside of the building, I completely lost control of my legs and started seeing stars. Mike basically carried me to the closest bench we could find. I probably looked like a drunk woman staggering through the parking lot. The feeling passed quickly and I was back to normal in no time. I was still proud of myself for making some improvements though.
Even after all that, Madelyn's been asking us when she can get her blood drawn just like mommy.
I'm glad I made it look like so much fun!
Mike bought us some tasty chocolates from the cafe next to the doctor's office. It was the perfect treat to cheer me up. As we were leaving, we got caught in a downpour. Here we are trying to dry off some.

Later that night after her bath, Madelyn put princess stickers all over her face. She wanted me to take some pictures of her too.

I finally took my first set of pregnancy pictures to share with everyone. I can't believe I'm already ten weeks and these are the only ones I have taken so far. With Madelyn I was much more on top of things but here they are.
Notice the difference from when I was pregnant with Madelyn at ten weeks! I guess you really do show sooner with your second baby.

Over the weekend, my mom and I took Madelyn swimming at the local spa in our area.
She had a great time! Here are a few pictures from our day together.

Mike and I also celebrated our anniversary this past week. It's so hard to believe we have been married for four years now! Time sure does fly when your having fun. Together we have shared some of life's greatest moments and I look forward to many many great years ahead.
I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful husband. He makes my life complete.

My mom will be watching Madelyn for us tonight as we go out to celebrate for our anniversary. With Mike's work schedule and everything else going on, we haven't had the chance to get out yet. I'm really looking forward to our date night though!
I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, August 25, 2014

I haven't been very good about keeping up with my blog lately. We've just had so much going on and I can hardly believe how fast the time is flying by.
September is quickly approaching and our schedules have been filled with so many fun things. We've spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the nice weather while it's still here. Madelyn had fun riding her bike around on the trail by the lake.
She was being so cute waving to everyone as she rode by ringing her little bell.

We also got outside to play with some sidewalk chalk. In between coloring, we managed to take a couple pictures.

Backtracking some time now, Mike bought me a fruit subscription to Harry and David for my Birthday.  When our first delivery arrived, we were so excited to try the peaches! I already knew they had the best pears I've ever tasted so I was hoping the peaches would be just as good. They far exceeded my expectations. I've never tasted such a juicy and delicious peach before.
I'll be looking forward to trying some more fruits every month! I'm sure Madelyn will be just as excited too. She loves her fruit!

We did our groceries later that same night. Shopping for food has been especially challenging lately because not much appeals to me. We basically ended up with a cart full of fruit, salad, and cereal. I've been cooking the easiest meals possible because I feel too tired and nauseous to make anything. I'm hoping this part of the pregnancy passes by quickly.

Then earlier in the week, my brother came to visit with his girls. We had such a nice time getting together. I took Madelyn and my nieces mini golfing while Mike, my mom, and brother went to the driving range.
We had such a good time! My oldest niece joked around with me saying I had the stalker golf ball because we kept hitting them in the same spots. We even scored a one in the same hole. What are the odds of that happening!

We also went over to my dad's house for a barbecue. It was such nice day so we all jumped in the pool despite the ice cold water temperatures. The girls stayed in the longest though.
We had a campfire later on to warm us up and lit some sparklers. What a fun night it was! This was one of the few pictures I captured from the night.

Madelyn had no intentions of leaving grandpa Lee's house that night. She told me she was too comfortable on Ashley's lap and wanted to sleep over.

We had a Birthday party over the weekend too. Madelyn's friend Brooke turned four years old. It was carnival themed so she had plenty of games set up for the kids. Madelyn had a fun time. Her favorite game was the one where you pick the ducks out of the water. She was excited getting her face painted for the first time.

By the time we left the party, Madelyn passed out in the car. All those activities tired her out.
After church yesterday, we took a little drive to the local farm in our area. Madelyn had fun picking out some treats for us and I got some ginger snacks to help out with my morning sickness.
I also found a drink made with Ginger that seems to be helping me feel better so far. It burns your throat going down and tastes pretty awful but I'll take it over feeling sick.
Here are some pictures from our shopping experience.

Madelyn's also been a little on the mischievous side lately. Now that she's growing taller, she got into my makeup bag on top of my dresser. She came in to find me saying, "mom I look so beautiful just like you!" Thankfully she only got into the lipgloss before I caught her.

We also had a little bit of a scare yesterday morning. Madelyn was playing in the bedroom stringing some beads while I was getting dressed. Next thing I know, she looked over at me a little worried and said, "mom can you get these rhinoceros horns out of my nose?" I laughed thinking she was joking around but decided to check her nose to be safe. To my surprise, she had shoved a bead up each nose. Thank God I managed to get them both out using a thin pair of tweezers. She's always full of surprises!
I hope everyone has a great week!