Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall is such a beautiful time of year and we've been enjoying every minute of it.
We took Madelyn up to the top of Mount Equinox in Vermont a couple weeks ago and the scenery was gorgeous. It reminded me of how much I love this time of year.

It was very windy at the top of the mountain but we still enjoyed the views. Madelyn must of learned some new vocabulary from Thomas the train because while we were walking around she said, "Wow it sure is windy outside! The wind is blowing my pistons off!"

We walked along the trail leading to the mountain for a little while too. You could smell pine trees all around us so it felt like we were walking through a Christmas Village. It was so nice being outside in the fresh air.  Madelyn happily walked along the trail exploring her surroundings. She didn't ask to be carried once. As we walked along, she said, "This is so much fun! We're never going back home again!"

We went out to lunch afterwards before heading back home. Madelyn got her mini hamburgers like usual and I ordered some chicken. We were all so hungry by the time we got there so the food tasted especially good.

That same week, we went to the pumpkin patch together. Madelyn picked out her own pumpkins this year. We had a fun time seeing the farm animals too. Madelyn found some broccoli on the ground near where the pigs were so we fed it to them. She thought it was hilarious seeing them eat their broccoli. If only she loved eating it as much as they do.

That weekend, we went apple picking with my mom, Amanda, Donna, and Pam. Madelyn had a fun time helping us pick some apples off the trees. The foliage there was beautiful too and it was such a nice day outside. We all had a great time.

Next, we stopped at the humane society to see the cats and dogs. Madelyn fell in love with the little kittens there. She kept telling me we needed to bring them home with us.

That Monday was a holiday so my mom and I took Madelyn shopping at the outlet malls. We had a fun time checking out some stores. If it were up to her, she would have us buying everything in the place. We've been telling her, maybe we will buy this for your Birthday or Christmas and she doesn't argue. I'm not sure what we will tell her after the Holiday season is over. Madelyn loved going on all of the rides there too.

The next day, Mike and I took Madelyn Birthday shopping. This year, we wrote down some ideas for toys and games she seemed interested in. Then I took Madelyn to the baby section of the store while Mike bought everything and loaded up the car. It worked out nicely and she had just as much fun playing with the baby toys.

We shopped around in a few more stores and then decided to get some lunch at the food court.
The chicken and rice looked most appetizing but I later regretted my decision. The whole ride back, I felt terrible. Thankfully I didn't get sick until we got back home but the nauseous feeling lasted for the rest of the night. No more greasy foods for me! They aren't worth it.
Besides the times when I know I shouldn't be eating certain foods, I've been feeling pretty good. I'll be four months along tomorrow and my stomach is growing a little bit more each week. It's still only a tiny bump, but here are a couple pictures from my fifteenth week of pregnancy.

Later in the week, I was getting some things done around the house when I noticed someone pulling into the driveway. With my hand close to the phone, I started feeling uneasy. When the man stepped out of the car, my heart started beating even faster. I tried not to assume the worst and told Madelyn maybe it was just a salesman going door to door. Then when I saw him pulling out his camera, I really started to wonder what he could possibly be doing on our lawn. I slowly snuck over to the bedroom window with Madelyn and realized why he was taking pictures. There was a hawk on our front lawn that had captured a squirrel. At first Madelyn was excited about seeing the hawk. Then when she realized he was eating a squirrel she became very upset saying, "I'm just so sad for poor Mr. Squirrel! I hope he's going to be alright."

It was quite the scare, but I was relieved to know that it wasn't just some random creeper taking pictures on our lawn. I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Once again, I haven't been so consistent in writing my blog posts every week. Partly due to computer troubles but also because of life being so busy and Madelyn's been very difficult to deal with besides.  I'm not so sure I've ever seen her act out as much as she has this past week.  She was definitely not herself. I barely got any pictures of her smiling that whole week. 

Anyways, I had my monthly prenatal appointment earlier last week and it went perfect. We heard the babies heartbeat and the Doctor said my measurements are right where they need to be. What made me the most excited  was my blood pressure reading. For the first time during this pregnancy, it was so nice to hear the nurse say that my blood pressure was normal. I couldn't have been happier walking out of the office that day. 
Later on that night, we did some fun fall activities with Madelyn. She helped us collect some leaves outside and we showed her how to make leaf prints. Then she colored some more and glued pumpkins onto the paper. 

Backtracking a couple of weeks, we took Madelyn to the pumpkin patch. She told us the whole ride there how excited she was to go on the horse. Once we actually got there, she changed her mind. She enjoyed petting the horse anyways. Hopefully next year she won't be so scared. 

We went for a hayride but didn't bring any pumpkins home. Madelyn was too excited about the playground to even care about the pumpkins.  

That same week, we brought some breakfast to the lake and then took Madelyn apple picking afterwards. I just had to fulfill my craving and they tasted so good too. We had a fun time together and Madelyn enjoyed being outside on such a beautiful day. 

That weekend, we picked up my mom from her Disney trip. When we got back to the house, Madelyn opened up her presents from mimi. She was so excited about her Frozen bag and rice crispy treat. 

Mimi also bought Madelyn a Mickey Mouse cookie that we all split. It turned our mouths black as you can see from the picture of Madelyn. 

Afterwards, we got a few supplies at Target. Madelyn was so happy to have mimi back home. Here she was trying on some glasses in the store. 

Glasses aren't the only thing Madelyn loves trying on. She's been wearing her wig around the house all the time saying she's a princess. 

The next morning, Madelyn came running up to me holding my phone while I was getting out of the shower. She said, "Mom, guess what? I took some really nice pictures for you while you were in the shower!" I later found out that she wasn't kidding. I went to take a picture of her to send to Mike and it said my storage space was full on my phone. I thought how was this possible and then as I started flipping through my photos, I found over two hundred pictures of Madelyn's legs and the recliner. 
My little photographer! 

Here are a few more random pictures from these past two weeks. 

Have a great week everyone!