Monday, January 26, 2015

Time is moving by so fast and I can hardly keep up with it.
Can you believe we are already in the last week of January?!?!
It just hit me the other day that we only have a little over two months left before we meet our baby girl. My due date is coming so soon and we still have a huge list of stuff to get done. It's a good thing we are expecting a big snowstorm tomorrow. Being stuck inside will be the perfect opportunity to accomplish some things around the house.
Though we still have a lot to do, I've managed to get quite a bit done already though. The bassinet is all set up and stocked with some newborn diapers ready to go. We also bought some new outfits for her to wear. Then my mom and I went out to breakfast over the weekend then afterwards I bought mostly everything we needed for the hospital. My bag is about halfway packed now. Besides that, we picked out a few more things for Madelyn's big sister bag of treats. We wanted her to have something fun and exciting to open up while I'm in the hospital so she doesn't feel left out.
Her teacher told me that she is so excited to meet her baby sister though. That's all she talks about to her friends in class. Anyways, here's a picture of Madelyn at breakfast time over the weekend.

Then we celebrated my mom's Birthday over the weekend. Madelyn stayed home with daddy while my mom and I went out to dinner at the hibachi restaurant with Amanda, Donna, and Pam. We had a fun time and our server was much more entertaining than the ones we have had in the past.
After dinner, I picked up Madelyn and we went back over to Amanda's house for cake. It really was a great night. Madelyn especially had fun playing with ponies and seeing Amanda's dogs.
I didn't get any pictures from that night but I do have one from Madelyn earlier in the day.

We also spent some time last week sorting through and organizing the boxes of clothes from when Madelyn was a baby. They are all washed and put away for when the baby is here. It's so hard to believe that Madelyn was once that small and soon we will have another little one too. 
While we were going through the clothes, Madelyn found her Kangaroo costume from her first Halloween and tried it on. I just had to take a couple pictures of her wearing it. 

Earlier on in the week, I had my regular Ob appointment for the pregnancy. I couldn't have walked out of the Doctor's office happier than I did that day. Everything went so perfect.
First off, I got my blood drawn without feeling lightheaded at all. This was a major accomplishment for me. Especially considering I didn't have my music to distract me. I went to turn it on only to discover that it didn't work because there was no cell phone service in the lab. The girl who drew my blood was so sweet though. She gave me a Winnie the Pooh sticker when I was all done and Madelyn got a handful of them too.
Then when I saw the Doctor, she said everything looked great. My blood pressure was perfect and the baby's still growing right on track. It was a very quick appointment but I was so happy to walk out of there with all good news.
The next day I received more good news that all my blood test results came back normal. I was especially happy to know that I didn't have gestational diabetes.
I also finally got around to having some pregnancy pictures taken. Here are a few that were taken a couple weeks back.

Well I hope everyone has a great week! Stay safe if you live in any of the areas being affected by the snow.

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's been another low key week spent mostly inside of the house. We are all feeling much better for the most part but my energy level still hasn't been quite back to normal yet. Though it could also be due to the lack of sleep lately.
A couple nights this week, Madelyn was awake coughing but it finally seems to be going away.  
 I woke up one morning to find that she had climbed into bed with me after Mike left for work. Surprisingly I didn't even hear her come in. She never enters a room quietly so I must have been really sleepy that day.

We also had her annual Doctor's visit this past week and everything went great.
 She got her blood pressure taken for the first time and also had a vision screening too.
Both went very well and she is growing perfectly.
The Doctor said he's not used to dealing with kids her age that are so cooperative and polite too.
When it came time for her shots, she was a trooper like usual. She was so excited for the blood test too. This time I sat outside in the waiting room while Mike stayed by her side. I came back in when the test was over and her Dr. said that she did better than I would have done. He knows me well from when I was his patient.
Madelyn loved it though because the Doctor called the tubes of blood rocket ships.
Later that night, Madelyn came up to me and said, "Mama your so lucky, you have really big rocket ships when you go to the Doctor! Mine are only little!" I sure am lucky having such big rockets for them to fill up. My dream is that someday I'll be as brave as our daughter is.

Then we went with my mom for her appointment. Madelyn was in a great mood while we stayed in the waiting room. We read through some books and she had a great time watching the fish too.

Later in the week, Madelyn and I put up some Valentine's Day decorations. She colored some window clings to hang up too. We had such a fun time together. I also had her working on a little project for Mike's Valentine's Day gift and told her not to say anything to him because it was a surprise.
Later that evening, we were talking with Mike about our day and he asked Madelyn what we did that was fun. She mentioned the decorating and then said, "Oh we made you a footprint heart too! It's for Valentine's Day daddy but don't say anything because it's a surprise for you!"
It looks like I'll be shopping alone for daddy's Birthday this year so he will have some surprises.

I'll also have to share some belly pictures with everyone soon. I haven't been so consistent with having them taken every week like I had with Madelyn. We are getting closer though. I'll be seven months pregnant tomorrow and in my third trimester too!
The only picture I have is this one below. Madelyn loves giving my belly hugs and kisses!

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a nice holiday season.
It's been awhile since I've updated my blog. Things got a little crazy over here and our whole family has been battling with sickness since before Christmas. Right around that time, my sister came to visit with her family. Even though they both weren't feeling quite themselves, August and Madelyn still had a great time playing.

They are such good buddies though. The two of them are so cute together. They really tire each other out too. One of the nights they couldn't even stay awake for dinner time so they passed out on the couch.

We also celebrated our Christmas together while everyone was here. Madelyn was so excited about her present from Nini, Ry Ry, and August. She got a my little pony power wheel toy that she loves. It's so cute to see her drive around the house with it. She's been having just as much fun cleaning it every day too! It's obvious she's my daughter keeping her toys so clean all the time.

The weekend just before that, we got together with Amanda, Donna, and Pam for dinner. Then afterwards we went over to Amanda's house to visit and exchange our Christmas gifts. Madelyn loved her presents from Amanda. She especially loved her new frozen necklace. This was the only picture from the night that didn't come out blurry so here it is.

We also went to a couple of Christmas parties that same weekend. Madelyn had such a fun time at both of them! She played with some friends, decorated cookies, colored, and made mini gingerbread houses.

Mike and Madelyn were both sick on Christmas Eve. We were originally supposed to have dinner over our house with some friends of the family but the plans changed. My mom and I ended up cooking over at her house while Mike and Madelyn rested at home. We had a nice time still, but Christmas Eve wasn't the same without my whole family there.  I was also feeling upset at the fact that Madelyn was sick again for another Christmas.
She woke up the next morning feeling a little better anyways. We had a nice day relaxing together and Madelyn loved opening up her presents this year. After seeing how overloaded she was with clothes and toys from everyone else, we were happy about our decision to only buy her a few presents this year. I still have a lot of organizing to do around the house.  Here are some of our Christmas time pictures.

As the week went on, we didn't get out of the house much because Mike and Madelyn still weren't feeling too well. I did see some friends for dinner one night. It was nice catching up with everyone. We went over to Amanda's house after dinner to watch some videos from the wedding that one of our friends hadn't seen yet.
Later that same week, I started feeling terrible and came down with a fever. Thank God for my mom and Mike. I would have been completely helpless without them. It took all the strength I had just to get Madelyn out of her pajamas and dressed that day. My mom was on vacation from work that week so she offered to take Madelyn for the day while I stayed in bed. Then Mike took over as soon as he came home from work. Madelyn was being so sweet and adorable too. She kept saying, "Just rest my little mommy! I will take good care of you. Don't you worry about a thing!"
Unfortunately, I didn't get better in time for New Year's Eve. It was another holiday that just didn't feel right this year. I was so disappointed being home sick in bed when we could have been together with friends. Madelyn was still coughing quite a bit too so none of us were feeling very festive about New Year's Day. Sometime around 7:00 we turned on the kids Netflix countdown and pretended it was the new year for Madelyn. She was bursting with excitement and I was more than ready for bed.
 I felt like grumpy cat all day long. The picture of her below is a very good representation of how I was feeling.

With every day that went by after, I felt a little bit better. Over the weekend, I was finally feeling well enough to leave the house again. We went over to my mom's for dinner and also did a little gift card shopping at Barnes and Nobles. Out of all the books in the store, Madelyn picked out the Thomas the Train one.
While she looked through some other books, we brainstormed many baby names and still have no idea what to name her. At this point, nothing is sounding right and we've also been having a hard time trying to decide whether to give the baby an M name like us or go with another letter. Only three months left to go so we better make up our minds soon. It's definitely a tough decision though.

Here are the rest of the pictures from our weekend.

Everyone have a great week!