Monday, August 11, 2014

This week we got to have some Mommy and Madelyn time.
I had a couple of gift cards to use so I took her shopping with me at the mall.
We had such a fun time together! She helped me pick out some cute clothes and also gave her honest opinions in the dressing room. If she liked something, she would say, "I think you should buy this mom! It's beautiful." For everything else, it was simply, "Not this one mom!" I wish I had taken a picture of her because she looked so cute carrying around her little  purse.

Later that night, Mike, Madelyn and I went out to dinner with my mom at the Friendly's. We had fun together. Madelyn was especially excited about her ice cream sundae!
Madelyn's bedroom has also been under construction this week. Mike installed new lighting so she camped out in our room one night. It worked out just fine until I had to get up to use the bathroom.
I checked my phone quick to see that it was only 4 am so I quietly snuck out of the room trying not to trip over anything. When I came back into bed, I found that my spot had been stolen from me.
The same thing happened the next day, only it was an hour and a half later.
I told Madelyn I think it's time for her to get a new full sized bed. I'll admit I was pretty upset about loosing my comfy spot in bed two days in a row! How could I possibly stay mad at this face though?
Madelyn's also been quite obsessed with mopping the floors lately. I made my own cleaning solution for her to use and she loved it. Every day when I ask her what she wants to do for fun she tells me the same thing. She wants to mop the floors! At this rate, we are going to have the cleanest floors in the city.
I can't say I've been as enthusiastic as Madelyn about cleaning the house lately. It's been hard enough just getting out of bed every morning. I have my moments through the day where I feel so nauseous. Then by the time the afternoon hits, I'm completely exhausted. Somehow I manage to get everything done still but I'm very thankful for my little helper! She's such a sweetheart.
Our weekend was fun, but went by very quick. My sister and her family came to visit. We got together Saturday night at my dad's house. He had a nice cookout and the kids had a fun time playing outside in the yard. The four polar bears were brave enough to go swimming in the pool (Mike, Madelyn, Ryan, and August).

I forgot to bring my regular camera with me so I didn't get many pictures of August and Madelyn together but they were very cute still.
The next day, I had friend's baby shower to go to. She is due with twins in October so it's very exciting! We had a nice time at the shower and it was such a beautiful day outside. Here's a picture from the shower with my friend Amanda.
While we enjoyed ourselves at the shower, Madelyn and August were having a blast with my friend Barbara. Madelyn still hasn't stopped talking about how much fun she had with her. I'm so happy to be surrounded by such great friends and family!
I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week Of Celebrations!

This week has been great! We got together with some friends to celebrate my Birthday and play board games. It was a lot of fun.
Then another one of my friend's took me out to dinner.
We had such a fun time and it was nice getting out of the house. I also enjoyed having the night off from cooking dinner too! ;)
I spent the morning of my actual Birthday with Amanda, Donna, and Madelyn. We took a road trip to the mall for some shopping. We had so much fun. I bought a very early Christmas gift and a new planner! That was probably one of the happiest moments of my day! I might have a little too much fun deciding what planner to buy. I also picked out a new outfit for Madelyn too. After lunch time, she was so happy to go on the mini carousel.
Later that night, Mike and I went out to dinner while my mom took Madelyn to the Friendly's. Afterwards we went into Barnes and Noble to get some new books. We had a fun time and so did Madelyn. She insisted on wearing her new outfit so I let her wear the skirt anyways. It's still a little warm for long sleeves.
 The Birthday celebrations continued as we went out to dinner with Donna, Amanda, and Pam. We had such a fun time and it was nice visiting with everyone. We went back Donna and Amanda's house for some cake. Madelyn had a great time playing with ponies. They kept her occupied all night long.
My dad and Ann had a Birthday celebration at their house too. We had a great time and once again, I forgot to bring Madelyn's bathing suit. She was just as happy swimming in her clothes though!

By the time the weekend was over, we had shared the news with everyone that we are expecting baby number two in April 2015! We are both very excited!
 After having Madelyn, I never thought I would feel so happy about having another baby but I am truly overjoyed. This time around, Mike is hoping for a boy, I'm hoping for another girl, and Madelyn wants one of each! Ultimately, we want a healthy baby so we will be happy either way. Madelyn's pretty excited as you can see.

Madelyn's also been studying my pregnancy books more than me! I think she likes all the pictures. 
I hope everyone has a great week!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Zoo Trip!

We had such a fun weekend! Mike had the day off Saturday so we took Madelyn for a day trip to the Zoo. It was such a nice time. We headed out early in the morning. Madelyn kept herself entertained in the backseat singing songs and playing with her socks.
When we got there, Madelyn loved seeing all the animals. The petting zoo was her favorite. She had a great time chasing the goats around (until they started chasing her). Then she got a little nervous and wanted to be held.
It was so cool going on the train ride too. The elk came right up close for pictures. Madelyn was very excited!
We also went on the Merry Go Round together. I don't usually mind rides but this was one scary carousel. It might have been just me but I started getting dizzy and it felt like the ride would never end. Madelyn enjoyed it anyways. 
It was nice walking along the deer trail too. Madelyn was a little bit too loud for them. She scared them away very easily. 
Some nice lady saw us taking pictures and offered to take a family one for us. It came out pretty nice too!
We had the best time in the bird sanctuary. Another nice person gave us their bird food when they were leaving so we didn't have to buy any. Madelyn loved being up close to the birds. It was so neat.
We enjoyed the rest of our day and saw plenty of animals. Here were a few more of the pictures we captured from the day.

I hope everyone enjoys their week ahead!