Monday, July 28, 2014

Zoo Trip!

We had such a fun weekend! Mike had the day off Saturday so we took Madelyn for a day trip to the Zoo. It was such a nice time. We headed out early in the morning. Madelyn kept herself entertained in the backseat singing songs and playing with her socks.
When we got there, Madelyn loved seeing all the animals. The petting zoo was her favorite. She had a great time chasing the goats around (until they started chasing her). Then she got a little nervous and wanted to be held.
It was so cool going on the train ride too. The elk came right up close for pictures. Madelyn was very excited!
We also went on the Merry Go Round together. I don't usually mind rides but this was one scary carousel. It might have been just me but I started getting dizzy and it felt like the ride would never end. Madelyn enjoyed it anyways. 
It was nice walking along the deer trail too. Madelyn was a little bit too loud for them. She scared them away very easily. 
Some nice lady saw us taking pictures and offered to take a family one for us. It came out pretty nice too!
We had the best time in the bird sanctuary. Another nice person gave us their bird food when they were leaving so we didn't have to buy any. Madelyn loved being up close to the birds. It was so neat.
We enjoyed the rest of our day and saw plenty of animals. Here were a few more of the pictures we captured from the day.

I hope everyone enjoys their week ahead!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Beach Day and Nevaeh's First Birthday Party!

It's been a great weekend! Amanda and I headed out for a road trip to bring Madelyn to the Ocean. 
We left early in the morning and stopped at a Dunkin Donuts on the way for breakfast.
 It felt like a quick drive down. 
Madelyn was very cooperative too so that definitely helped pass the time. 
We made it to the beach around 10:00 and it was gorgeous! 
The weather was perfect and the sand felt so soft. 
We went for a few walks down by the water too. The temperature was perfect. It was so nice being outside in the fresh air relaxing and listening to the waves. Madelyn had fun standing with us along the shore. 
Madelyn and Amanda went on a very long carousel ride together. The man running it started the horses up and then took off. At the time, Amanda and Madelyn were the only two riders. When another worker walked in, we just assumed he would finally stop the ride but he kept it going for awhile longer.  I tried my best to get some pictures but mostly got blurry shots or images of horses. 
Here are a couple pictures of Amanda with Madelyn on the beach instead. 
Now some of you may remember our seagull attack from one of our previous beach trips. If not, you can read all about it here in this post:
Those were some fun times for sure! Due to bad experiences with seagulls in the past, we were extra careful in keeping our food covered while eating lunch. As cautious as we were, it didn't stop those vicious birds from going after us again. This time they planned a sneak attack from behind. 
We were carefully eating our lunch when we noticed a couple sitting in front of us looking in our direction laughing. At the time, we just thought they were laughing seeing us try to scare away the birds in front of us. 
 Then all of the sudden, a handful of seagulls swooped down from behind and stole Amanda's grinder from her hand. We instinctively started screaming and jumped up trying to get away. This time, the seagulls scratched Amanda's hand but thankfully it wasn't bleeding. 
Madelyn was too afraid to eat after that. Later in the day, she finally worked up the courage to eat some sun chips but she was very cautious while having them. After every bite, she would quickly close her bag up until she wanted more. She continued asking about the seagulls for the rest of the day and wanted to know all of the details about what happened. 
I'll be doing some research in the meantime on keeping the seagulls from attacking us. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to let me know! 
Here's one of the seagulls checking to see if we have anymore food to steal...

Amanda and Madelyn also stuck together afterwards trying to keep safe from the seagulls. 

The rest of day went smoothly. We spent some more time relaxing on the beach and Madelyn took a power nap. 

After awhile we packed up our stuff and headed to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so delicious! Madelyn filled up so much on breadsticks and salad she didn't touch any of her pizza I ordered for her. She only wanted to eat her grapes. We had a great time though and the drive home went well too. Madelyn played with her leap pad most of the way so that kept her occupied. 
The rest of the weekend was nice too. After church on Sunday, we headed to the lake for my niece's first Birthday party. Madelyn had a blast playing with all the kids. She was having so much fun she barely ate any cake. 

When it came time for presents, Madelyn was being a good little helper. I think she was a little disappointed to find out they weren't her toys though. She told me she wanted it to be her Birthday. 

We had a nice time though and it was another beautiful day outside. 
I hope everyone enjoys their week!