Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! I was relieved to be feeling better after battling a chest cold all week long. I was hoping Madelyn wasn't catching what I had when she came down with a fever later in the week, but she seems to be doing alright now.
Our family was also faced with a very tough decision that I will be dedicating another blog post to at a later time. Besides all of that, we enjoyed our Easter with the family. My mom spent the day with us and we had a nice time. It wasn't too easy getting pictures of Madelyn wearing her dress. She really wasn't in the best mood either but here she is on the way to church...
Then we took some pictures of her opening up her Easter basket. She was very excited to see all of her goodies!
Madelyn had a blast coloring Easter eggs too! We didn't get any pictures of them all decorated because they didn't come out looking so nice and half of them were cracked anyways. Madelyn is still learning how to be gentle but we had a great time.
We also brought Madelyn to the pet store to look at all of the birds and fish. She was especially interested in the birds. We had so much fun watching them!
I also gave up on trying with Madelyn's naps. Now that she knows how to open up the door to her bedroom, there's really no point in battling with her over the whole process. The other day she came out of her room and said she was not tired at all. I told her she didn't have to sleep but it was still time to rest so she needed to sit quietly with me on the couch and read some books.
Within a few minutes, I looked over at her and noticed she was sleeping! It was so nice to have her napping for the first time in weeks! Here's our little sleeping beauty...
It was just that one day I got lucky with a nap though. She must have been very tired.
 I've been dedicating at least one hour each day to "quiet time" in the Living Room where she can play with a few toys and read some books. It works for us but she sure knows how to make a mess as you can see from the picture below...
I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vacation! Bronx Zoo, Shopping, and Fun Outside!

It has been the perfect week. Mike had some time off from work so that was very nice.
Having him home with us made me feel like I was on vacation myself.
 I couldn't have asked for a better week. The weather was beautiful besides so we spent plenty of time playing outdoors.

One of the nights,  Mike and I had a campfire out back after putting Madelyn to bed. We made some peanut butter cup s'mores and they were so delicious! If you've never tried them before, you really should! Here's a picture of our fire...

The next day, we surprised Madelyn and brought her to Ben and Jerry's for an ice cream cone. She was very excited seeing we don't have sweet treats too often.

We also also did a little bit of shopping at the Outlets. Madelyn needed some new sneakers that actually fit. We also picked out a couple of outfits for her Easter basket while we were there. Madelyn had a great time. She rode the carousel and loved it.
As soon as we got back into the car, Madelyn quickly went from this...

To this...
That same day, we also stopped into the Home Depot for a few things. Madelyn enjoyed riding around in the shopping carriage!
Later in the week, we took a day trip to the Bronx Zoo with Mike's side of the family.
It was such a fun day and Madelyn loved seeing all of the animals! She kept yelling, "Hi animals! Can you hear me animals? Please say hi to Madelyn! Thank you!"
We took plenty of pictures!!

We had a great time riding on the carousel there too. Madelyn was thrilled and kept saying, "This is fun! Look at me! "
We had fun during the 4D show too! Madelyn wasn't too happy during the parts where the dinosaur was chasing us. She started crying in the middle of the show saying, "I need to get out! I want to go outside right now!" Then when she saw the little baby dinosaur eggs hatch she calmed down.
The next day, we set up Madelyn's growing penguin that we bought for her at the zoo. She loves checking on him every day to see how much he's grown.
We've still been having a rough time with the naps though. She managed to fall asleep one day out of the seven this past week but she must have been feeling really tired that day. I heard some loud crashing noises but figured that was nothing out of the ordinary. Then it got unusually quiet so I went into her bedroom to find that she had destroyed it and was also sound asleep on the floor. What a mess as you can see!
Madelyn had a fun time at play group this week too. It was our last one for a couple of weeks. She was very excited to bring daddy with us though! Here she is with all some of the other little ones for a group picture. 

Then over the weekend, my sister came home with her family to visit. My dad had a little get together at his house for his Birthday and Ryan's. We all had a great time and my dad cooked a nice meal like usual. The kids had fun playing together too.
We had an Easter egg hunt for them in the yard and they loved searching for the eggs. August pointed them all out saying, "egg egg egg!" while Madelyn picked up as many as she could. They really did a nice job sharing though. They were both being so sweet!

Later that night, we had another campfire and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

By the time we left for home, Madelyn was exhausted. She fell asleep right away.
That pretty much sums up our week. I hope everyone else had a great one. Enjoy the week ahead!