Wednesday, March 4, 2015

 I cannot get over how quickly the time is flying by. Can you believe we are already in March?!?
It sure doesn't feel like it with all this snow we've been getting every weekend.
As much as I love the winter, I cannot wait for the beautiful spring weather!
We've had so much going on lately that it's been challenging even finding the time to write up my blog posts. 
Between appointments, errands, and other events, life has been pretty busy.
 Since my last update, I got together with my friend Amanda for her Birthday. 
We had a nice dinner while Madelyn spent some time with daddy and mimi. It was a lot of fun catching up with one another and getting out for a bit. 
When I came home that night, Madelyn was full of energy seeing she took a very late afternoon nap.   
For whatever reason, her sleep schedule has been off all week long though.
A couple of nights, she ended up sleeping in our bed because she was convinced there were lions and flying monkeys in her room.
Those two nights felt endless as she continuously kicked me in the face and thrashed around wildly. 
When she wasn't kicking me, our little acrobat baby was and I couldn't seem to get comfortable.
I had terrible heartburn and slightly painful contractions besides. 
Then every single time I came back from the bathroom, I would find that she had stole my spot in bed.  I awoke the next morning to a wet puddle underneath me. My first thought was maybe my water had broke while I was sleeping but then I realized that it was only Madelyn's cup of water that had leaked all over the bed.
 After getting a total of three hours sleep, I so desperately wanted my own space back so I told her all the monkeys and lions were in our bedroom. That didn't stop her from wanting to sleep with us.
As frustrating as it was, she sure looked cute in our bed.

During the daytime, we kept ourselves entertained with plenty of fun activities.
I didn't get pictures of everything, but we did have a good time.
During our shaving cream activity, Madelyn looked up at me with the biggest smile on her face and said, "Mommy I love you! You are so much fun!" That comment made my day.
 It's especially nice to hear things like that on the exhausting days when I feel like I'm not being that great of a mom to Madelyn.

We also got to spend some time visiting with the family this past week. Madelyn was excited to meet her new baby cousin Kaylee. She had a fun time playing with Nevaeh too. The two of them played so nicely together.

Then over the weekend my sister and her family came home to visit. We had a combined Birthday party for Mike, Ann, and my mom. It was such a fun weekend and the kids enjoyed playing.
Madelyn always loves seeing her cousin August.

This week is already flying by too. Wednesday came so fast!
 I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!
 I'll finish off this post with one more picture of Madelyn.

Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm writing this post much later than I would have liked to, but things have been kind of crazy here. Last week certainly had it's ups and downs, but thankfully things have been going much smoother these past few days.
A couple weeks ago, my husband switched over to a new work schedule so it's been an adjustment for all of us. The first week was rough. He worked from very early morning until late at night and it left me feeling so stressed out and alone. Even keeping up with the housework was such a hassle.
I was completely drained by the end of the day and losing my patience with Madelyn so easily.
 Having to deal with constant appointments besides everything else did not help at all and I was missing Mike so much.    
On the plus side, things have gotten much better.  I'm starting to get used to his new schedule and also looking forward to the time we do get to spend together on the weekends.
 His days have been slightly shorter too so things are starting to feel more normal again.
 On the days spent home, Madelyn and I make an extra effort to fill our time with plenty of fun activities to keep things exciting. We've had to get a little creative some days but I really do enjoy being home with her.
She's been great through it all though. I was a little bit nervous about bringing her to the doctor's with me but she was such a good listener and we got many compliments on how polite she was too.
I was so impressed with her behavior.
When it came time for my injection, she climbed up on the exam table with me.
 It was so adorable seeing her try to comfort me. She grabbed my hand and said, "It's okay mommy, it will only be a quick pinch and then it's over. I'll tell you when you can say ouch alright?"

The rest of my appointment wasn't very exciting though. When the nurse checked my blood pressure, it was slightly elevated so they sent me from there to the lab for some blood tests.
It was no fun being poked so much that day, but I managed to stay strong for Madelyn.
As the week continued, they ran some more tests and had me come back to the doctor's for a blood pressure recheck. It was still up high so they scheduled me for another recheck the following week and a non-stress test too.
By the time I had my next appointment, my blood pressure came down to 128/70 so it was much better than it was.  They weren't so concerned with that reading, but they still sent me to the maternity ward afterwards just to be safe.
Madelyn had a great time up at the hospital with my mom and I. The nurses brought her some apple juice and she got to watch some curious george while I took my test. She had so much fun she didn't want to leave.

My blood pressure readings were back to normal during the non-stress test so that made me feel better. With the history of high blood pressure during my last pregnancy, they want to continue monitoring me closely so I will be going back to the hospital next week for another non-stress test.
At this point, I don't need bed rest thankfully but the nurse suggested laying down for fifteen minute increments through the day to help supply the baby with oxygen and keep my blood pressure down.
 I'm just taking it one week at a time and trying to make the best of it all.
We are getting so much closer to the finish line though! I can hardly wait to meet this little one!
Only 44 days left. We got to see her in 3-d at one of my other appointments and it was so amazing. The images were so clear and it was neat to catch of glimpse of what she looks like in there.
Madelyn at the appointment 

Most importantly, she is still growing healthy and everything else looked great too. The technician said she already weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces so she is right on track for where she should be as far as weight.
Here are some updated belly pictures from the end of week 32.
Then we have some more pictures from Valentine's Day. Madelyn was in such a great mood.

The next day, we cooked dinner together as a family. Madelyn loved being our little helper and it sure made cooking more fun.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!