Friday, March 27, 2015

Our week started out good. On Friday night, we had a combined Birthday celebration for Amanda and Pam. It was Madelyn's first time going out to a Hibachi restaurant and she loved it. We weren't too sure how she would react to seeing the grill light up but it didn't seem to bother her at all.
She didn't like the Birthday gong very much though. Later that night she told me she liked everything besides that.
Afterwards, I dropped Madelyn off back home with Mike. They got some ice cream, made a fort in the Living Room, and watched a movie together. While she spent some time with daddy, I went over to Amanda and Donna's house to visit and have some Birthday cake.
We had a fun night and it was so nice just spending time with good friends.
Thankfully Amanda got some pictures from the night. I couldn't capture any good ones with my phone.

We also had a couple of nicer days where we were able to play outside and get some fresh air.
Madelyn definitely had a fun time.

My appointments have been going well too. At my last visit,  I was only one centimeter dilated but the Doctor confirmed that the baby had dropped and she could also feel the head while checking my cervix. My blood pressure was better than it has been in weeks so she said she's not going to induce me but they are going to continue monitoring the baby closely. Although some days can be very tiring, I know she will be here soon so it helps to keep that in mind. I don't want to rush the time either.
She will come when she is ready.
I'm actually hoping she holds off just a little bit longer after the long night we had.
 Madelyn was awake for hours getting sick. We both stayed by her side and didn't get much sleep at all. She woke up saying she felt better but still wasn't eating or drinking very much. I thought she was finally starting to act more like herself until she got sick again. I sure hope she's doing better soon.
I don't think I've ever done so much laundry and cleaning in a single day.

It's tough seeing Madelyn so sick. I'm hoping to get some much needed rest tonight as she recovers. Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Today is officially the first day of Spring! It doesn't quite feel like it yet with these cold and windy days. I spoke too soon about the weather being beautiful last week but I'm sure we'll have some more nice days ahead of us very soon.
Even though it hasn't been so nice outside, Madelyn and I have kept busy with plenty of fun activities inside. One of our favorites was our little pool party in the bath tub the other day.
This was her facial expression when I told her she could paint on the shower walls.

She was shocked at first and looked at me like I had lost my mind.
Once she realized I was serious about her painting in the tub, she had a great time.
It still wasn't too long before she started using her washcloth to scrub the walls of the shower clean.
She sure can't stand any messes around the house!

Madelyn has also learned a new trick this past week. She's been readjusting the thermostat temperature on us. Later that same night after we had painted in the tub, I noticed myself getting very hot which is unusual for me.
 I thought my pregnancy hormones must really be kicking in but didn't think much more of it.
 As soon as Mike came home from work, he mentioned how hot it was inside of the house and we saw that Madelyn's face was turning bright red too.
It was then that we noticed the thermostat was set to 95 degrees instead of the usual 70.
The very next day, we were playing with some toys and going about our normal routine when I felt just the opposite.
I'm the type of person that is almost always cold so I wasn't too surprised until Madelyn said something about how cold she was too. She's hardly ever cold so right away, I went over to the thermostat and saw that Madelyn had switched it again. This time it was set to 43 degrees.
We finally put a lock code on it so she won't be able to play around with the inside temperature anymore. Hopefully it's awhile before she learns the password.
She's sure knows how to keep things exciting!

We had planned for some fun outside of the house too but things didn't go according to schedule.
Last Friday, Madelyn really wanted see the new Cinderella movie with us at the theaters but the tickets were sold out for the show times we wanted. She was so disappointed.
We told her we might be able to go another weekend but can't make any promises.
There's a lot coming up ahead so we will have to take it one day at a time.
Instead of going to the movies, we went out to dinner and then let Madelyn pick out a toy at Target.
It was still a fun night and we enjoyed having some family time together.

As far as my pregnancy goes, I'm feeling more excited with each day that goes by but still very tired and uncomfortable.
 I only have a little over two weeks to go until my due date so not much longer anyways!
The days seem to be going by pretty quickly.
My appointments have been going well too. I wasn't checked for dilation or effacement at my last visit with the midwife so there's nothing too exciting to update you on. The baby is still head down, growing perfectly, and moving around a lot.
My weight is good and my blood pressure has been in the 130/70 range which is higher than it was in the first part of pregnancy, but the Doctor's are saying is good so I'm not too concerned.
 I'll have a better idea of what is happening when I see my regular Ob doctor next week. I know she will most likely check my cervix and be able to tell me whether or not they plan to induce me this time around. "Dr. Madelyn" keeps saying the baby is going to be born on Easter Sunday so we will see.
I know her Birthday is beyond our control so I'm just enjoying these last moments as a family of three and keeping my mind focused on the positive.
 Here's a picture of our little Doctor Madelyn eating her breakfast!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2015

We've had some gorgeous days this week as far as the weather goes.
It's starting to feel a little more like springtime.
Madelyn and I especially enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.
I hope the cold snowy weather is mostly behind us and these temperatures are here to stay.
The beautiful sunshine really brightens my day besides!

As of Tuesday, I'm already into my ninth month of pregnancy.
 I'm getting so excited but also feeling very tired and uncomfortable.
My belly is much bigger than it was with Madelyn during this point in the pregnancy.
Even my maternity clothes are getting pretty snug.
I've heard quite the variety of comments about my stomach too. Most people tell me I have the perfect basketball shaped belly while others say I look so tiny. I also hear the opposite too. Some lady even called me "chubby wubby" a few weeks back. She should see me this week!
It seems everyone has a different perception but I'm not too concerned by their opinions.
The Doctor tells me at every appointment that I am measuring just perfectly.
 I've definitely gotten bigger since, but here are a few pictures my sister took of us a couple weekends back.

Madelyn was not interested in being part of our photo shoot. She wanted to stay inside to play with her little buddy August. 

Just to give you a comparison of the difference in belly sizes, I have this picture from my 36th week with Madelyn...

Then there are the pictures I took today at 36 weeks and 3 days...

Anyways, it feels like I've been living at the hospital lately and my emotions are all over the place.
One minute I'm crying and the next I'm laughing.
These constant appointments and non stress tests have been very tiring.
I cannot wait for our baby girl to be here with us.
My due date feels so close yet so far away at the same time.
Madelyn has been excellent for all my Doctor's visits though. The nurse complimented me again saying that she's always so polite and well behaved.
During my last appointment, I was caught off guard with a surprise pap smear but Madelyn was great anyways. She was so funny. When they had me undress from the waist down, she looked very surprised and asked me, "Mom why did you take your pants and underwear off? I don't think that was a very good idea! Your so silly!" During the procedure, she sat in the chair behind me looking intrigued by what was going on.
The Dr. said she reminded her of Curious George hanging out in the corner.
My blood pressure was up a little bit higher still so they sent me to the hospital for some more blood work and increased my non stress tests to twice a week until I deliver.
The Dr. also mentioned that I might possibly need to be induced again but for now we are just taking it one week at a time.
It hasn't been easy, but I'm very thankful for the support from my family and friends.
Mike, my mom, and my sister have been especially helpful through it all.
My husband works 14 hour days most nights of the week and he still comes home happy to help in so many ways even though he's tired.
 My mom is always there for me too. She enjoys spending time with Madelyn any chance she can and is always thinking of ways she can be there for us.
My sister may not live close by, but she is always there for me when I need her. When we talk on the phone, her encouraging words help me to stay strong and put things into perspective too.
I could go on and on naming those that have offered their help or have just been there for me as a friend,  but I really am so appreciative to know the people that I do.
Whether we see each other every month or once a year, I truly value every person that is part of my life.
Here are a couple of online friendship quotes that I really like.

Of course Madelyn gives me plenty of reasons to smile each day too. She makes me laugh even when she's not trying to be funny.
The other day, I was taking a plate out of the microwave quickly and didn't realize how hot it was.
That had never happened before but it was so hot it burned my hand so I instinctively threw it onto the floor. The plate shattered into pieces and Madelyn watched me looking completely shocked.
 Right away she said, "Mommy that was bad behavior! My daddy is not going to be happy with you throwing things and breaking them!"
I had completely forgotten about it until later that night when we were all sitting around visiting with my mom. She had asked Madelyn to tell her about what happened during the day.
Madelyn answered saying, "My mommy was so angry earlier. She threw a plate across the room and it broke everywhere. I tried telling her that was bad behavior and she shouldn't do that but she didn't listen to me."
Then when my mom asked her if it was an accident she said, "No it wasn't! My mommy was so upset."
Afterwards we tried out a new Chinese restaurant with my mom. Madelyn surprised us all with her hearty appetite. Usually she barely touches any of her food when we go out to eat.
She was even using chopsticks instead of regular silverware!

Later that weekend, we had a little play date over our house with Madelyn's friend's Brooke and Brielle. They played nicely together most of the time but Madelyn was a little bit overprotective of her toys. She was only willing to share some of them.
I've still been finding toys stashed away in some of the strangest places. When I asked her why she was hiding them, she told me she didn't want Brooke and Brielle playing with her favorite toys.

We also had grandma come visit us later in the week. She brought over some Christmas presents she had forgotten to give us before. Madelyn was very excited about her new makeup set.
She needs a little bit of practice applying it as you can see.

Even after thoroughly washing her face, the makeup still left her cheeks all rosy colored.

She loved wearing her new kitten towel from grandma too! Not only does she love cats but she is always telling me purple is her favorite color.

Well, that's pretty much all I have to update you on. We've got a fun weekend ahead of us so I'm looking forward to it! I hope everyone enjoys theirs too!